“Working with Annemarie is a true delight. She swiftly adapts to situations, presents solutions before you realize your needs, and supports in a friendly and efficient way. Annemarie knows how to bring supervisory boards to higher effectiveness by taking care of the rest.”

Fieke van der Lecq, Vice Chair Supervisory Board Triodos Bank

“Annemarie is a beautiful personality in which honesty, openness, clarity are combined with knowledge and experience. She has an eye for details but also keeps an overview. We have collaborated with managing but also building a professional Global PMO organization. Annemarie helped fill in the definitions of the PMO employee and transferred current affairs in a pleasant manner. What will stay with me is the way in which Annemarie gives solicited and unsolicited advice on the content and the process. I wholeheartedly recommend her professional services!”

Jan Mauritz, Global IT Program Director Hyva Holding B.V.

“Annemarie heeft ons uit de brand geholpen toen er een vacature ontstond voor hoofd van ons secretariaat. Met haar pragmatische en vrolijke houding heeft ze ervoor gezorgd dat het secretariaat goed bleef draaien en dat knelpunten snel en soepel werden opgelost. Wat ik bijzonder vind aan Annemarie is dat ze sfeer en gezelligheid in de organisatie brengt, en tegelijkertijd kritisch kan kijken naar wat er wel en niet werkt en verbeteringen door kan voeren. Annemarie heeft ons geholpen met de nieuwe opzet voor de aansturing van het secretariaat. Ik ben heel blij dat we haar hulp hebben gehad en ik kan haar van harte aanbevelen!”

Esther Stiekema, Director Corporate Offices, Utrecht University

“Naast de professionele ondersteuning heb ik Annemarie vooral gewaardeerd vanwege haar organisatiesensiviteit en brede ervaring op gebied van governance. Ze pakt zaken snel op en is breed georiënteerd.”

Paula Raijmakers, Manager Control/Business Support Rabobank Amsterdam

“Annemarie joined our newly set-up team mid 2019 for a period of 3 months and helped us realize several improvements within a short time span. I appreciate Annemarie’s openess and professional contributions, for example by taking-on the ownership of a delayed project and finishing it within a short time-span. Annemarie also has a keen eye for process optimalisation: placing responsibilities where they belong and taking out non-value-adding activities whereever she can. Annemarie manages expectations well, I could really count on her. Thank you Annemarie for our fun collaboration and your professional “goal getter” contributions to our team and the organisation!”

Meta Enklaar, Corporate Secretary to the Executive Board Triodos Bank

“During the last 1,5 years, Annemarie has been a true professional. Annemarie is balanced and combines a clear focus on the best results with a very pleasant demeanor. Thus Annemarie has been a valued and reliable colleague.”

Olga Kolenburg, Director Board Affairs, Eneco Holding

“What really distinguishes Annemarie is the serenity of her approach. She radiates calmness, stability and decisiveness. Because of these qualities, she is able to bring structure into work challenges and improve the way of working towards excellence.”

Anna-Maria Middelkamp, Program and Project Management, Eneco Holding

“During a project, Annemarie will guarantee an analytical, helicopter view whilst checking meticulously the details at the same time. Annemarie has the ability to react directly to adhoc, urgent issues while at the same time following through the long term project planning and ensuring the milestones are achieved. This makes her a reliable project manager. Her professional communication skills allow her to smoothly liaise with colleagues and managers from different disciplines and teams. Combined with her life experience and her drive to ask challenging questions, the aforementioned skills make Annemarie into a very pleasant and competent person to work with.”

Arianne Aalbers, HR manager, Prologis

“Annemarie is a very focused, detailed oriented project support manager who manages to keep the balance between fine communication and timely delivery. She is never shy of going outside her comfort area and provide her support. I also admired while our working together her frank way of communication and delivery, never shy from telling things how they really are. A pleasure working with her.”

Ana Maria Bejenariu, Transition Manager, Genpact

“In her capacity as interim management assistant Annemarie has achieved the set goals in her typical enthusiastic but also focused and objective manner, which was much appreciated and fitting in our demanding private equity environment.”

Martijn Schreurs, Managing Partner, Gilde Buy Out Partners